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  1. L'Aeroporto di Rodi-Diagoras o Aeroporto Internazionale di Rodi (IATA: RHO, ICAO: LGRP) (Κρατικός Αερολιμένας Ρόδου Διαγορας, in greco) dista circa 15 km dal centro della città di Rodi e si trova nel nord-ovest dell'omonima isola. Intitolato al campione dei Giochi olimpici antichi, Diagora di Rodi, dispone di un solo terminal e di uno scalo merci dove operano numerose compagnie aeree low cost che collegano molte città europee. Nel terminal vi sono vari servizi (ristoranti, caffetterie, negozi, edicole, banca, parcheggio) e il piazzale dispone di 13 stand
    Tags: by nioto (2021-01-24)
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  2. Der kontinuierliche Ausbau des Dubai International Airport spiegelte sich in der Ausweitung des Duty-Free-Betriebs wider. Bis 1988 bedienten 51 Fluggesellschaften in Dubai 87 Ziele mit einem Passagieraufkommen von 4 Millionen Passagieren. Die Einnahmen von Dubai Duty Free stiegen von 44.000 US-Dollar am ersten Handelstag im Dezember 1983 auf 32 Millionen US-Dollar im Jahr 1986. 1987 eröffnete das Unternehmen einen Duty-Free-Shop für Ankünfte und verdiente rund 200.000 US-Dollar pro Tag. 1989 führte Dubai Duty Free seine Aktion "Finest Surprise" ein, eine 1.000-Tickets-Verlosung, um ein Luxusauto zu gewinnen. Die Aktion läuft seitdem ununterbrochen. 2 » Das Passagieraufkommen in Dubai lag 1990 bei über 5 Millionen, was zu einem Umsatzanstieg auf 95 Millionen US-Dollar beitrug. Der Einmarsch des Irak in Kuwait wirkte sich jedoch erheblich auf den Geschäftsbetrieb aus. Dies sollte sicherstellen, dass es weitere zwei Jahre dauerte, bis die 100-Millionen-Dollar-Marke überschritten wurde
    Tags: by nioto (2021-01-21)
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  3. They call it the “Eternal City” and the truth is that from the first moment the visitor arrives at this historic European site he feels like he is entering a “living” museum.
    Tags: by iokibi (2021-01-11)
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  4. Ibiza Airport to Frankfurt Airport Flight Time
    Tags: by iokibi (2020-11-25)
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  5. Madrid-Barajas Airport (code IATA: MAD, code ICAO: LEMD) is located on the northeast of Madrid, Barajas district, only 12 kilometers from Madrid city centre. The official Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport provides information on terminals T1, T2, T3, T4 and T4S, flights, car parks, VIP lounges, shops, etc.
    Tags: by iokibi (2020-11-14)
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  6. Santorini airport taxi prices. The local drivers at Santorini airport don't offer a flat-rate fee for the transfer from Santorini airport to Fira, Santorini
    Airport Taxis in Santorini stop at the ranks outside the terminal. Licensed taxis are grey and can carry up to 4 passengers (3 in the back 1 in the front)
    Tags: by iokibi (2020-10-26)
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  7. Emerald waters and exotic sandy beds you will enjoy in Formedera, the island with the incredible natural beauty that conveys a Caribbean atmosphere even though it belongs to the Balearic Islands. Ideal place for relaxation in a short space of time from cosmopolitan Ibiza.
    Tags: by iokibi (2020-10-13)
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  8. A taxi from Rhodes city center to rhodes airport takes between 20 and 30 minutes. Official rhodes airport taxi are dark blue with white roofs, rhodes Airport is very busy on high season, our recommendation is to pre-book your trip prior your arrival Cost of a Rhodes airport taxi. Unfortunately, the local taxi drivers at Rhodes airport don't offer a flat-rate fee for the drive into the town centre or nearby villages.
    Tags: by kimio (2020-10-03)
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  9. havana airport taxis information
    Tags: by iokibi (2020-09-30)
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  10. Ostia Lido Beach Embora possa não ser tão glamorosa quanto outras praias italianas, Ostia Lido é a mais próxima de Roma. A praia de Ostia é conhecida por sua areia escura e a água limpa o suficiente para nadar. Existem várias áreas públicas da praia, o que significa que pode apenas estender uma toalha onde encontrar um lugar.
    Tags: by iokibi (2020-09-27)
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